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STEM, Art, and learning to code combine to make Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), a web standard that works in all browsers, provides an ideal platform to practice math and coding in STEAM applications. There is nothing to install; Edit, Save, and Open in a browser.

SVG is visual, fun, easy to learn, yet still has a depth of mathematics that can continually challenge creativity at any age. This site targets students in grades 6-9, hoping to ignite student interest in web technologies early in their education. Start with SVG Lesson Plans, then become an #SVGmaker by learning to add JavaScript to SVG images on the Maker Page. is founded by Barbara and Jay Nick. Jay is a Coulee Region RSVP Volunteer teaching students to code. He has created all the content on this site. He has written and self-published several free, SVG centric eBooks. He is a contributor to, a great source of free SVG images.

STEAM Coded String Art is his first eBook in a series aimed at creating Art and learning to code. The images below are created in the book along with complete details on how to code them. More images on the Art page.
STEAM Coded Tangrams, the second eBook in the series, is a delightful eBook that facinates young children with its animated shapes while showing how to solve tangram puzzles, then challenges their older siblings to create their own tangram puzzle, using a template included in the book and on the Tangrams page.

Jay has also created and published other free eBooks with handcoded SVG images: Learn SVG Interactively, I Love to Doodle, I Love to Color, Play, & Learn, and A New Day. Additionally, Jay has been involved in publishing free eBooks for children, written by Barbara Nick. They are available from Catto Creations.

Jay is available to speak or conduct workshops as author, illustrator, and self-publisher about SVG, coding, and/or publishing. Publishing is relevant here as eBooks use web technology for their content. Use the link on the left to contact him or on twitter @jjaynick. has free SVG images!
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Below are some recent works all done in SVG. Click on the link to view them.

Morphing ABCs
Morphing Math Flash Cards
Music Flash Cards
Animated Shapes
Three Cup Shuffle
Video Poker