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Tangram Puzzles have been around for a very long time. They consist of arranging seven basic shapes into a puzzle outline.

The book on the right contains several tangram puzzles with animated solutions. It is designed for young and old alike.

The Tangram puzzles in the eBook entertain young minds with the animated solutions, but its simplicity offers older minds a way to code their own tangram puzzle.

The Camel Tangram shown below is one of the tangram puzzles in the eBook. Click on its image to display it which will enable the scripted buttons.

Create Your Own Tangram Puzzle

The internet offers numerous tangram puzzles from which to choose in creating your own. Many outlines and solutions are available at openclipart.org as well as other sites. Pick a puzzle, then use the template below to create your own by following the instructions contained in the SVG code.

Save the template image below by either right clicking on it in your browser and saving the image or by viewing the source code of the SVG image and copying it. Open the file in a simple text editor and follow the instructions in the file. The eBook provides more detailed information should you need it. Get it, it's free!

Earn an Award

A future effort will to allow creators of these tangram puzzles to earn a badge for their accomplishment. Any teachers or librarians willing to help, please contact me.

In the meantime, tangram puzzle creators (that do so correctly and appropriately) can send them to me for display on this site. I am the sole judge of content. If you wish to get credit, I will include your first name. Use of your full name requires that you send me a signed letter of authorization allowing me to do so.